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 Original Firmware 
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
dp-330fw326.zipFirmware for DP-330 version 3.2.6266.706
dp-330fw328.zipFirmware for DP-330 version 3.2.8267.109
dp-450fw244.zipFirmware for DP-450 version
dp-450fw251.zipFirmware for DP-450 version
dp-450fw260.zipFirmware for DP-450 version
dp-450fw261pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.1 (pal)2.234.027
dp-450fw264ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.4 (ntsc)1.923.939
dp-450fw264pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.4 (pal)1.925.322
dp-450fw265pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.5 (pal)1.872.832
dp-450fw266ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.6 (ntsc)2.033.711
dp-450fw266pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.6 (pal)2.038.441
dp-450fw267ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.7 (ntsc)2.105.138
dp-450fw267pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.7 (pal)2.104.959
dp-450fw268ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.8 (ntsc)2.076.627
dp-450fw268pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.6.8 (pal)2.076.627
dp-450fw270ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.7.0 (ntsc)1.962.578
dp-450fw270pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.7.0 (pal)1.962.375
dp-450fw271ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.7.1 (ntsc)1.979.654
dp-450fw271pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.7.1 (pal)1.979.663
dp-450fw274ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.7.4 (ntsc)1.984.388
dp-450fw274pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.7.4 (pal)1.984.385
dp-450fw280ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.8.0 (ntsc)2.071.476
dp-450fw280pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.8.0 (pal)2.071.373
dp-450fw283ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.8.3 (ntsc)2.095.723
dp-450fw283pal.zipFirmware for DP-450 version 2.8.3 (pal)2.098.160
dp-500fw265pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.5 (pal)7.162.372
dp-500fw266ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.6 (ntsc)7.478.744
dp-500fw266pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.6 (pal)7.484.825
dp-500fw267ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.7 (ntsc)7.548.761
dp-500fw267pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.7 (pal)7.548.755
dp-500fw268ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.8 (ntsc)7.520.033
dp-500fw268pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.6.8 (pal)7.520.006
dp-500fw270ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.7.0 (ntsc)7.428.641
dp-500fw270pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.7.0 (pal)7.443.322
dp-500fw271ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.7.1 (ntsc)8.089.587
dp-500fw271pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.7.1 (pal)8.089.579
dp-500fw274ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.7.4 (ntsc)8.156.242
dp-500fw274pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.7.4 (pal)8.156.208
dp-500fw280ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.8.0 (ntsc)8.242.744
dp-500fw280pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.8.0 (pal)8.242.666
dp-500fw283ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.8.3 (ntsc)2.682.356
dp-500fw283pal.zipFirmware for DP-500 version 2.8.3 (pal)2.682.432
dp-508fw274ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-508 version 2.7.4 (ntsc)8.323.329
dp-508fw274pal.zipFirmware for DP-508 version 2.7.4 (pal)8.323.330
dp-508fw280ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-508 version 2.8.0 (ntsc)8.342.778
dp-508fw280pal.zipFirmware for DP-508 version 2.8.0 (pal)8.343.164
dp-508fw283ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-508 version 2.8.3 (ntsc)2.786.598
dp-508fw283pal.zipFirmware for DP-508 version 2.8.3 (pal)2.786.579
dp-1000fw276pal.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.7.6 (pal)1.950.749
dp-1000fw279ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.7.9 (ntsc)1.965.760
dp-1000fw279pal.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.7.9 (pal)1.965.811
dp-1000fw280ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.8.0 (ntsc)2.025.458
dp-1000fw280pal.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.8.0 (pal)2.025.599
dp-1000fw284ntsc.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.8.4 (ntsc)2.043.750
dp-1000fw284pal.zipFirmware for DP-1000 version 2.8.4 (pal)2.043.797
hb-dx-6526fw265pal.zipFirmware for H&B DX 6526 version 2.6.5 (pal)1.856.103
hb-dx-6526fw30pal.zipFirmware for H&B DX 6526 version
hb-dx-6526fw266pal.zipFirmware for H&B DX 6526 version 2.6.6 (pal)2.015.723
hb-dx-6526fw268pal.zipFirmware for H&B DX 6526 version 2.6.8 (pal)2.078.177
Revoy3200DXfw265pal.zipFirmware for Revoy 3200 DX version 2.6.5 (pal)1.856.083
Revoy3200dxfw266pal.zipFirmware for Revoy 3200 DX version 2.6.6 (pal)1.974.469
Revoy3200dxfw268pal.zipFirmware for Revoy 3200 DX version 2.6.8 (pal)2.016.898
revoy3200dxfw270pal.zipFirmware for Revoy 3200 DX version 2.7.0 (pal)1.974.239
revoy3200dxfw271pal.zipFirmware for Revoy 3200 DX version 2.7.1 (pal)1.996.670
revoy3200dxfw274pal.zipFirmware for Revoy 3200 DX version 2.7.4 (pal)1.998.299
dv-450fw266pal.zipFirmware for Digisette DV-450 version 2.6.6 (pal)2.016.667
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
cygwin.zipThe program Cygwin8.288.510
genromfs-cygwin.zipGenromfs for Cygwin6.207
winiso.zipThe program Winiso.1.209.341
rtbsetup-beta_4.exeRadio Toolbox v1.0 Beta 4 (tool to check the availability of shoutcast stations)232.402
KiSSRadio.zipKiSS Webradio editor by Steve Matty13.374
 PC-Link replacements 
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
opendp500-0.1.tar.gzOpen DP-500 by Stephan van Maris version 0.121.369
opendp500-0.2.tar.bz2Open DP-500 by Stephan van Maris version 0.2 (open with WinRAR)100.477
open-dp500-0.3.tar.bz2Open DP-500 by Stephan van Maris version 0.3 (open with WinRAR)149.644
opendp03a.exeThis program installs Open DP-500 version 0.3 (Windows)360.214
DP-500.NET_v1_beta.zipDP-500.NET version 1 beta by Sven Meirsman5.031.156
DP-500.NET_v1_beta2.zipDP-500.NET version 1 beta 2 by Sven Meirsman3.882.185
NetSharesLib.zipThe NetSharesLib file needed for DP-500.NET by Sven Meirsman1.418.939
DP-500.NET.zipManual of DP-500.NET by Sven Meirsman44.996
JLinkBETA0.1.zipJLink beta 0.1 by Albert Seward270.706
JLinkBETA0.2.zipJLink beta 0.2 by Albert Seward279.580
JLinkBETA0.3.zipJLink beta 0.3 by Albert Seward354.750
JLinkBETA0.4.zipJLink beta 0.4 by Albert Seward395.074
JLinkBETA0.5.zipJLink beta 0.5 by Albert Seward398.984
kiss_ezlink_install.exeEzLink version 2003.9.53 beta by Filipe Lage1.572.864
dp500serv-0.1.tar.gzDP500Serv version 0.1 by Thibault Lamy82.273
dp500serv-0.1-firmware270-17082003.tar.gzDP500Serv version 0.1 (2.7.0 update) by Thibault Lamy130.962
dp500serv-0.2.tar.gzDP500Serv version 0.2 by Thibault Lamy94.472
macopendp500_10.dmgMacOpenDP500 version 1.0 by Jonathan Pepin278.828
macopendp500_20.dmgMacOpenDP500 version 2.0 by Jonathan Pepin402.957
macopendp500_301.dmgMacOpenDP500 version 3.0.1 by Jonathan Pepin142.816
 romfs files 
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
romfs_dp450_v251.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v265.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v266.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v267.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v268.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v270.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v271.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp450pal_v274.zipKiSS DP-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v265.zipKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v266.zipKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v267.zipKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v268.zipKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v270.zipKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v271.zipKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp500pal_v274.tarKiSS DP-500 romfs.bin version
romfs_dp508pal_v274.tarKiSS DP-508 romfs.bin version
romfs_hb-dx6526pal_v265.zipH&B DX 6526 romfs.bin version
romfs_hb-dx6526pal_v30.zipH&B DX 6526 romfs.bin version 3.01.392.503
romfs_hb-dx6526pal_v266.zipH&B DX 6526 romfs.bin version
romfs_hb_dx6526pal_v268.zipH&B DX 6526 romfs.bin version
romfs_revoy3200dx_v265.zipRevoy 3200 DX romfs.bin version
romfs_revoy3200dx_v266.zipRevoy 3200 DX romfs.bin version
romfs_revoy3200dx_v268Revoy 3200 DX romfs.bin version
romfs_revoy3200dx_v270Revoy 3200 DX romfs.bin version
romfs_revoy3200dx_v271Revoy 3200 DX romfs.bin version
romfs_revoy3200dx_v274Revoy 3200 DX romfs.bin version
romfs_dv450pal_v266.zipDigisette DV-450 romfs.bin version
romfs_jamo_dvr50_v268.zipJamo DVR50 romfs.bin version
romfs_jamo_dvr50_v269.zipJamo DVR50 romfs.bin version
romfs_jamo_dvr50_v276.zipJamo DVR50 romfs.bin version
romfs_liteon_lvd2001_v0227.zipLite-On PhoMaster LVD-2001 romfs.bin version
romfs_liteon_lvd2001_v0229.zipLite-On PhoMaster LVD-2001 romfs.bin version
romfs_liteon_lvd2002_v0229.zipLite-On PhoMaster LVD-2002 romfs.bin version
romfs_sigmatek_x100_v117.zipSigmatek x 100 romfs.bin version
romfs_sigmatek_x100_v130.tarSigmatek x 100 romfs.bin version
romfs_waitec_dvd-x4_v1005.zipWaitec DVD X4 romfs.bin version
romfs_woxter_xdiv500_v108-10020.zipWoxter XDIV 500 romfs.bin version 108-100201.990.803
romfs_yamada_dvx5500_v1005.zipYamada DVX-5500 romfs.bin version
 Original Manuals 
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
manual_dp450.zipManual of the KiSS DP-450 (Danish, English, German, French)2.597.516
manual_dp500.zipManual of the KiSS DP-500 (English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese)14.444.134
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
brochure_em8500.zipBrochure of the Sigma Design EM8500244.633
brochure_em8550.zipBrochure of the Sigma Design EM8550249.208
brochure_dp450_old_version.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-450 (old version)934.135
brochure_dp450.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-450306.081
brochure_dp470.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-470288.160
brochure_dp500.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-500313.499
brochure_dp508.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-508321.145
brochure_dp558.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-558310.158
brochure_dp1000_old_version.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-1000 (old version)9.510.982
brochure_dp1000.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-1000284.341
brochure_dp1500.zipBrochure of the KiSS DP-1500319.534
FileDescriptionSize (bytes)
host.ziphost.php and host.pls file to use for your own website (121 radio stations)6.988
url-changer 2.6.6 (rev.1).exeKiSS DP-500 Webradio URL Changer v.2.6.6 Revision 1 by Smile110.994
url-changer 2.6.8 (rev.1).exeKiSS DP-500 Webradio URL Changer v.2.6.8 Revision 1 by Smile111.036
url-changer 2.7.0.exeKiSS DP-500 Webradio URL Changer v.2.7.0 by Smile1.038.664
url-changer 2.7.1.exeKiSS DP-500 Webradio URL Changer v.2.7.1 by Smile1.142.041
url-changer.zipUsing the KiSS DP-500 Webradio URL Changer487.866
using_hex-editor_(rev.1).zipChange Webradio URL in the ISO using a hex-editor807.205
kiss_dvd_roadmap.zipThe roadmap of the KiSS DVD players (18 dec. 2003)3.089.037
GPL.zipThe GPL part of the source code24.946.175