Method to modify the pictures
of the KiSS DVD player
(Windows version)
Preparation :
-You must be in partition "NTFS" not in "FAT32" for that will not work!
-Download the program cygwin.   >>> here
-Download the file genromfs for cygwin.   >>> here
-Download the program WinIso.   >>> here
-The modified file "romfs.bin" (it must containing the folder "img" with all the pictures of the KiSS). Choose the one that corresponds with your player.   >>> here
-Get the original firmware of your kiss (the last version 2.6.6 pal).   >>> here
Method :
-Extract and install "WinIso".
-Once downloaded the software extract it in the folder "cygwin" and double click on the setup.
-Choose "Install from local Directory", follow the installation instructions and select the folder "Nouveau file" that was in the zip cygwin. Next follow again the installation instructions.
-Once installed cygwin, move the file "genromfs-cygwin.exe" in the folder "bin" where you installed cygwin. By default this is "c:\cygwin\bin".
-Execute "genromfs-cygwin.exe" that is in the bin folder. Now launch "cygwin.bat" that is located in "c:\cygwin", the front page consoles apparait to type "exit".
-Your personal folder will be created in "c:\cygwin\home\".
-Now you can do modifications on the images of the KiSS, which are in the folder "img". You have extracted the "img" folder from the zip file
-You can modify all the images. However the one with the format GIF are difficult to modify, because placed back on the KiSS is random. So rather modify the jpg images by respecting strictly the resolution of the image and by giving it the same name as the original image.
-Once you made your modifications, copy the complete folder "rom" in "c:\cygwin\home\mike". This if "mike" is the name of your personal folder you created. Else replace "mike" by the right name.
-Now launch "cygwin.bat" which is in "c:\cygwin".
-A console screen opens. Enter the line:
genromfs-cygwin -d rom -f romfs.bin -a 512 -V 'romfs'
-Explanation: "rom" is the folder containing the part of the file "" with the modified images, "romfs.bin" and the binary file created with genromfs.
The option "-d" is used to indicate the source of the file that must be transformed into bin.
The option "-f" is used to indicate the name of the output binary file.
The option "-a" is used to align by byte.
"512" indicates blocks of 512 octet.
-In the final operation it goes as like WinZip or as if an Iso were made.
-Now you have a file "romfs.bin" in "c:\cygwin\home\mike \" (instead of mike the name of your folder).
-Go to where you extracted your original firmware of your KiSS.
-Double-to click on the Iso of your KiSS, which must open in "WinIso" or launch "WinIso" and open the Iso of the KiSS.
-Remove the file "romfs.bin" which is in the right-hand side of the window of "WinIso".
-Now place your modified file "romfs.bin" which is in "c:\cygwin\home\mike \"
-In "WinIso" select "File"->"Save as" and give it the same name as the original file from the Iso (for example: "KiSS DP-450 FW2.6.5 PAL.iso") and save it, but not at the same place as the original.
-All does remain is to burn your modified Iso with your preferred burning software.
-When you burn the Iso choose: "to finalize" the session (not multisession) and to use "Disc-and-Once"
-Now you will be able to personalize the background of your Kiss.
-This method also works with the HB and the KiSS DP-500. Although the source files are not the same (file "romfs.bin" and firmware).
-PS: Kiss-tuning as well as the persons or entity who has written or translated this tutorial can not be held responsible in person for all damages caused by following this tutorial.
-This method is just for informational purposes. On this site you can find modified firmware. Replacing firmware is on your own risk.
How-to made by Mickey83